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Teacher Freebies

Apply for FREE NASA Moon Tree Seedlings NASA’s Next Gen STEM project in partnership with USDA Forest Service is offering K-12 organizations located in the contiguous United States

Free Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Kit For Teachers The multi-media components include a video, posters, storybooks, curriculum, parent take-homes and Colgate Kid’s toothbrush and toothpaste samples for each student in grades K-1.

Excavating Free Excavating Adventures Class Pack - Teachers/Schools

Colgate Colgate Bright Smiles Kit: Free for K-1 teachers

Passion FREE Posters & DVD for Schools

Free Hess Toy Truck STEM Kit for Teachers Simply scroll down to "Hess Toy Truck STEM Kit Application", fill in all fields, and click "SUBMIT APPLICATION"!

FitCrunch Free FitCrunch Care Package for Teachers


Teachers - Free STEM Careers Poster This is from the Smithsonian Science Education Center.

Free TC Energy school kit - organizations TC Energy's Youth Energy Safe school kits were developed over three years of research and collaboration with teachers and students. The kits help educate youth by providing underground utility safety information using unique classroom components specific to either children or teens.

Paper Mate FREE Paper Mate Products for Teachers

Wilbooks free Wilbooks autographed book for pre-k thru 4th grade - school address

Paas it On Request FREE posters & DVD for your school or non-profit organization.

Free Hot Wheels Kit For Teachers They are currently accepting applications from certified educators to receive a free, full size classroom kit.

HHMI Free The Farthest: Voyager in Space DVD + more from Howard Hughes Medical Institute. For educators

BRAVE NEW FILMS Free full length films and videos from Brave New Films - Educators

Bucky's Classroom Free Bucky's Classroom University of Wisconsin-Madison posters, pennants, bookmarks, pencils

Colgate Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures�Request Your Classroom Ki

National Shooting Sports Foundation Firearm Safety Education Videos. Three programs for kids to general audience

Super Peace Monkeys Get a FREE KIT to teach kids Confidence, Kindness & Mental Health SuperPowers

Grade 4 Teachers: Request a FREE Classroom Kit Kits include everything you need to teach these lessons in your classroom! Each kit contains: 40 Hot Wheels� diecast cars.16 orange loops.16 track clamps.64 track connectors.100+ feet of orange track

Zoo Zingo If you are a school administrator, please register today for more information and to receive a free set of ZooZingo Animal Cards.

NIDA Posters Free Poster "Brain Power! The Nida Junior Scientist

Izzit Receive a FREE video each year as long as you teach! Just provide feedback after using the video in your classroom.

NSTA Freebies for Science Teachers

Free Pearls In School Lesson Plans For Teachers They will send your kit, which contains a 5 sample pearls bag and Pearls in School card for each student.

Free United For Human Rights Information Kit for Educators Exclusively for educators, human rights advocates and civil rights activists whose classroom, group instruction or community learning students are 18 years of age or older

American Electric Power Free Louie the Lightning Bug's Safety Booklet

Dinosaur Train Educational Resources Free Dinosaur Train Educator Toolkit and a Dinosaur Train Nature Tracker Poster. The toolkit features video clips, music, and activities.

Rent Calculators Free set of 6" wood rulers for your students.

VariQuest for Educators Request your FREE Sample Kit. Learn how you can personalize learning, differentiate instruction, reward academic progress and communicate the most important information with engaging classroom displays.

Free Set Of Wooden Rulers For Teachers If you are an educator and would like to request a free set of 6" wood rulers for your students

National Shooting Sports Free Wildlife for Tomorrow, The Un-endangered Species and What They Say About Hunting Dvd's for grades 4-12.

Scholastic Classroom Samples of Scholastic Classroom Magazines

Firearm Safety Education Videos Copy of the four-program DVD.

Human Rights Free Human Rights Information Kit for an educator or human rights advocate.

Biology Poster Free Biology Poster for Teachers.

Holiday Freebies

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