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Christmas Freebies

PetSmart Get a FREE Pet Photo with Santa at PetSmart on December 21-22, 12-4 p.m

Christmas Samples Get a chance to win by simply completing our survey.

Christmas Dialer Get a free call from the North Pole.

Recipe Lion Sign up and receive Free Christmas Dessert Recipes eCookbook

Free Chick-Fil-A Personalized Christmas Time Card Fill out the sections with the name of a friend or loved one, your email, a mailing address, and how you’d like to spend your time together. Once you’re done, we’ll send the completed Time Card to you (so you can hand-deliver it) or mail it directly to them

Santa Claus Videos Santa Claus answers letters from children asking him questions. These free videos will entertain your kids. You can also enjoy free videos of Santa Claus set to popular Christmas songs, along with pictures of jolly St. Nick.

Free Elf Yourself Personalized Video This is from Office Depot/Office Max. Just upload a photo to get started (you can create up to 5 elves)

Free toys for the needy this Christmas Please do NOT abuse the program that the Marines manage to make a joyful holiday for the children this is for the needy and poor

Cat Tao Free Printable Cat Tao Holiday Gift Tags

Free Big Personalized Postcard From Santa! Fill out the form to get your free postcard and stay informed about Santa Claus Writes coupons

Christmas Tags Free printable gift tags.

Holiday Freebies

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