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GreatWhite Advertising is all about promoting you. Whether its your business, product, website or just yourself, we are here to assist you. Here are some of the services we offer.

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Benefits to Greatwhite Advertise any wheres from $20.00 /month except our main page(index)and new which is $50.00/month. We also have a daily newsletter listing all our newest freebies with a little added fun . Every textlink displayed provides a direct link to the advertisers Web site allowing immediate access to related products or service. We recieve over 2000 uniques every day and you get one plug in are newsltter of 65,000 subscribers We always update our pages daily so that visitors will return.

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NOTE****Your ad must be submitted first to us for approval. Ads can only be four lines maximum, 60 characters per line. We do not accept sites that have any fees including shipping and handlingThis doesn't include the actual url. Our newsletter is daily but you can run your ad daily,every few days or once a week. We have the right to refuse any ad submitted

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