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Outdoor Freebies

Suncare Lotion Free Sample Of Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Suncare Lotion

Artificial Turf Supply FREE samples of all of our artificial grass products.

Spider Identification Chart FREE Spider Identification Chart with FIRST AID spider bite procedures

Outdoor Fabric Central Solid fabric sample cuts are approximately 2" x 2".

Plant Sweetness Free sample Plantsweetness Esssentil Oils

Yurt Free Canvas and Tent fabric samples

Free Tick ID Card This handy business card-sized tick identification features the three most common ticks found in the US (dog, wood, lone star), and features a sizing chart which shows examples of larvae, nymph and adults for each species. The card also features directions for how to properly remove a tick as well as a link to more resources regarding ticks and tick safety.

Healthy Pools Order Your Free Pool Test Kit

Free Butterfly Garden Starter Kit Upload a photo of you making the American Sign Language sign for butterfly and they will mail you a free kit that includes a Seed packet, a list of milkweed and nectar plants native to your region, and a Ranger Rick Wildlife Notebook.

Organic Plant Growth Enhancer Send you a sample of HB-101 plant vitalizer.

Best Organic Fertilizer FREE Sample of All Natural Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Cheerios Free Wildflower seeds from Cheerios

FREE Well Water Test Kit Once we receive your sample, we will email your results and a quote for a system that will resolve your water issues if necessary. This test includes pH, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Hardness, Iron, Iron Bacteria, Manganese, Copper, Nitrates, Sulfides, and Tannins.

Tasty Bite Free Pack Of Organic Lettuce Seeds

Proven Winners Free 2017 Gardener's Idea Book

PreGra Free PreGra Artificial Grass Sample

GelMaxx Free GelMaxx Slurry Solutions Products Sample for plants

Hilleberg Request your free copy of our 2016 Tent Handbook

Free Sprinkler Nozzles Free Sprinkler Nozzles (California Only)

Energy Saving Trees The Florida Forest Service is proud to sponsor this program and provide you with 1 free tree. Florida only

Burpee Gardens FREE Vegetable Garden Guide.

Holiday Freebies

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