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Freqently Asked Questions About Free Samples

  • Q: Who is FreakyFreddies.com?

    A: Originally named Freaky Freddies Free Funhouse back in 1997. Thought it was catchy for freestuff and worked.

  • Q: How can these be Free? There has to be a catch.

    A: By offering you free stuff or just a free sample you get to test the product before you buy. The merchant is hoping you will like the product and become a client. We list many big companies that can afford to do this.

  • Q: I found some companies do have a bit of a catch.

    A: If you find a company with a catch, let us know so they can be removed.

  • Q: If I sign up for the newsletter, is my email address safe?

    A: Yes, I only send one newsletter a day which you can unsubscribe anytime. I don't sale or rent anyones email.

  • Q: Can I sign up for the newsletter if I'm not from the U.S?

    A: Yes you can, we also offer freebies for Canada and the United Kingdom. Further expansion soon to other countries.

  • Q: Why haven't my free samples arrived yet?

    A: Most sites will tell you how long it will take. I find that due to high demand and postal security it can take up to 3 months so please be patient.

  • Q:Your newsletter listed a freebie and I can't find the freebie or I receive an error when I get to the page listed.

    A:Some free samples will last an hour or years. As soon as I find out they ran out, they are removed immediately so no bodies time is wasted.

  • Q: How do you get all these samples to give away?

    A: Through research and many loyal newsletter subscribers, 140,000 to date, and many companies that find me in the top of many search engines and directories. So keep in mind I actually don't have them, I only list them.

  • Q:You have broken links!

    A: FreakyFreddies.com is part of a network of 12 web properties containing a staff of two full time and three partime staff to keep things running smoothly. One full time staff checks for dead links or expired freebies daily. This is a very long process, so if you find a bad link contact us. Makes it easier on the link checker.

    Secret to a good free stuff website is constant communication with surfers whether it be good or bad. We answer everyone. So if you have any questions, jokes or just need someone to take their bad day out on, contact Freaky Freddie.


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If you have any Free Stuff you would like to add just contact us. We update our free stuff daily and contact our mailing list daily.


DISCLAIMER - All of the "Free Stuff" listed on our site are free and available to the best of our knowledge. We report information only and have no interest in any of the Companies offering free items. Please be careful when giving information over the internet, ordering products or answering surveys. Be responsible - only order what you can use.

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